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Kroger Wayfinding 

Environmental Design + User-centered Research 

Shop Smarter is a print and directional system that streamlines the grocery shopping experience for low-income, Corryville Kroger shoppers. 

Secondary Research 

Interviews + Surveys  

Behavior Mapping 

User Navigation 

My team was made of two other designers – Olivia Wenger and Henry Linderman. We collaborated on interviews, observations, behavioral mapping, and the directional map design. I focused on interpreting consumer behavior, how to translate the current Kroger system into a wayfinding system, the icon system, and the handheld meal prompt brochure. 

Food deserts and the lack of accessible fresh foods are growing problems in Cincinnati. Research shows that people who live in food deserts still go to grocery stores as their primary source of groceries shopping. Our team focused on how to create a more streamlined experience at the Corryville Kroger. 

“Food Access Research Atlas Documentation.” USDA ERS, May 24, 2021. documentation/#- data.
“Go to the Atlas.” USDA ERS, April 27, 2021. 

We conducted interviews with experts in the community, as well as surveys from the Corryville Shoppers. We tracked consumer behavior by mapping how many people were in the aisle at different times in the week. 

We worked together to organize the shopping habits and aisles to come up with the look and organizational strategies for our map. It was important the design could translate from large scale to small scale, prioritizing legibility
 and user comprehension. 

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