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Good Riddance

DAAPWorks 2023 Director's Choice Award: Interaction Design

A digital platform for college students to gain new-to-them garments and offload the old on college campuses.

User-centered Research  


Design System 

Mobile App Design 

Although Gen Z is the generation that prioritizes sustainability the most, college students often turn to fast fashion retailers for their convenience and affordability. As a result, they tend to cycle through clothing rapidly due to their constant desire for novelty, despite already owning an abundance of excess clothing.

Good Riddance is an app that brings the clothing trade to the local level, making it easier for students to access new-to-them garments at their convenience. This platform connects them with like-minded individuals who care about the environmental impact of their purchasing habits. Moreover, the app offers an alternative currency, which challenges the increasing prices of second-hand markets. Users can earn “Goodie Bucks” by completing trades, which can be used to claim items listed in the community. By assigning value to preloved clothing, users can update their wardrobes without contributing to waste.

Creating A Trustworthy Community

To join the community, shoppers enter their university information and verify their account with their school email. This will enable them to onboard to the app safely and start trading with local students. 

Shop Item Listings And 
Browse Community Requests

Check out the "listing" tab to browse through preloved items, or look at the "community" section to see what garments people need. Neighbors can lend a hand by offering items other members seek.

View Friend’s Updates In Stories  

Stay up-to-date on flash sales, store news, and community engagement by engaging with stories. This feature is crafted to build trust with our valued customers and encourage repeat visits, resulting in more purchases from reliable sellers. 

Introducing The Swipe To Secondhand Retail

By introducing the swipe feature to browsing requests, posts, and new uploads, shopping has become more enjoyable as it gamifies the experience.

Offer Up and Earn More

Shoppers can fulfill community requests by offering items from their closets that match the requested item details. By meeting these requests, users earn "Goodie Bucks" to spend on future trades.

Message Users And Set Up Trade Details

To complete a trade, users are prompted to fill out an offer card. This streamlines negotiations on pricing, pickup location, and the transaction date and time. Both parties must accept the trade details to move forward with the exchange.

Meet Up, Scan, And Earn

In order to complete the transaction, the seller needs to scan the buyer's Goodie Buck card to ensure a secure and successful exchange.

I began reading every article about unsustainable practices in the fashion pipeline to realize that my community's habits are one of the biggest contributors. I started reaching out to college students, conducting interviews surveys, and exercises around UC to learn about current college shopping and disposal routines and see how to change bad habits into sustainable ones. 



journey map exapmle.png

The highlighted opportunity areas in the users' current journeys helped me address what should be optimized and decide what features are the most valuable to this audience. 

Interface Development

Frame 68.png
Frame 1752.png



Students were eager to have an app that gave them a space to offload clothes locally. However, they also had concerns about safety, communication, and overall engagement – how they will make sales or find quality garments.

Frame 46.png

After testing the first version with users, some adjustments needed to be made to the style guide and informational architecture to make the app more clear and functional.

usertestiing notes.png
first draft.png

The main goal of this app is to encourage users to trade clothes in the community. Making changes that better reflected the user's hierarchy of needs, made the process more engaging, clear, and functional for completing trades. 

The final interface needed to appeal to college-aged students in a fun and approachable way. By adding people in the photography, more use of colors, and white space, the app was able to feel like you were shopping from your friends without taking away the value of the clothes.

Frame 17154.png
Frame 17155.png
Component library.png

Behind the scenes

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